Pt IV - Make our Family Tradition YOURS

Pt IV - Make our Family Tradition YOURS

One of the most unexpected and awesome things that has developed over the last 51 years is that our calendar has become a family tradition for our loyal customers located all over the world. There are actually some families who have gotten all 51 editions of The Dolphin Studio calendar.

We often hear about monthly reveals happening - when households gather on the first of each month to see for the first time the new month’s image. (this is why you don’t often see the upcoming year’s images in our marketing material). If you are one of those customers - let this serve as a spoiler alert. In this video we share our 2022 images and show just how you can start a new tradition in your home.
How Dolphin Studio calendars really do make a suitable gift for pretty much - ANYONE. Fun, easy, repeatable each year.

What is your favorite family tradition? Share in the comments below.

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