Pt III - From Our Print Table to Your Home...

Pt III - From Our Print Table to Your Home...

The third video in our ‘2021 video shorts’ series, printers take center stage walking through the calendar compiling process here at The Dolphin Studio, from our print table to your home. 

We walked you through our silkscreen printing process in Pt I. Pt II talks about the 50+ year history of ffrench Family business - The Dolphin Studio.

Stay tuned for the fourth and final video coming soon 

Have you been a Dolphin Studio calendar recipient?  Would you like to be a Dolphin Studio ambassadors? We are kicking off this super fun and engaging program to share The Dolphin Studio story and our artful calendars with more people. 
Comment below if you have a story to share and would like to learn more about our new ambassador program.

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