For years we have strived to be as environmentally friendly as possible and we plan to continue to do so for years to come. From printing the calendar to washing the screens, the whole team is constantly brainstorming ways to show Mother Earth that we love her. So far, we have adapted almost every step of our process to help out in any way that we can.

When the calendars are being printed, we are conscious of including a variety of environmentally friendly paper. Some months are printed on paper made from recycled paper, and some are even printed on paper that we took off of another company’s hand to save it from going in the landfill. The ink that graces these pages is non-toxic and water based, and we re-use the old ink buckets to mix new colors!

Any water that is used to wash ink off of our materials after a print day is collected and disposed of separately from the main water supply. Even the cloths that we use to wash our materials with are reusable, and are oftentimes already repurposed when they end up in our studio! We have also replaced our previously plastic packaging with a recyclable paper envelope, so even when all is said and done we can still do our part towards making a difference… and that goes for making a difference in the community as well.

Any extra materials that we are left with are donated to the wonderful people, businesses, schools and organizations of our community that need it the most.