• How do you hang the calendar?

    The calendar comes with a clip that you can use to hang it with, but we also sell wooden hangers and frames on our website!

  • How are the calendars made?

    Each calendar is hand silk-screen printed by our print team! To see more about our process, check out our instagram @thedolphinstudio!

  • Are the inks you use to print the calendar toxic?

    Nope! The inks we use in the studio are non-toxic and water-based. Check out our Environmental Info page for more!

  • Do you make different sizes of the calendar?

    No we do not, the only size that we produce is 12in by 24in!

  • Why are certain dates hilighted?

    The highlighted days of the calendar are the birthdays of our family members! A tradition that has been around since we started printing the calendar over 50 years ago!

  • Do you do corporate gifts/custom work?

    Yes! To learn more about it visit our Custom Work page.

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