Decisions, Decisions...

Decisions, Decisions...

With a new calendar came a new horizon for the Dolphin Studio. With our sights set on growth, the team has taken on a variety of new responsibilities. Running a third generation family business is no easy operation as it is… but we love a good challenge. Though, the hardest challenge we’ve faced this year was probably also our most trivial; should we reveal next year’s calendar images to help us market our craft?

It almost felt as if we could really hear the roars of outrage clash with the instigating cheers. A lot of our existing customers feel quite strongly about this topic (and some of the print team does too), but what about new customers? Would the opportunity to see before they buy increase their chances of buying our lovely calendars?

We spent what felt like an eternity with our eyes crossed and our heads spinning trying to make a decision. Is this what more stores would like to see in order to carry our calendars? Which stores should we even consider? We might need to phone-a-friend for this one… so we’ll ask you! Yeah, you! Do you know of any stores near you that you’d like to see our 2022 calendar in? Let us know!

In doing so you will not only help us come to a conclusion, but you will also help us test out our fancy new company email! Email Lily at if there are any places in particular that you’d like to see us in. See you next week!

P.S. here's shot of the 2021 calendar, happy July!!

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