Ahead Of The Game!

Ahead Of The Game!

The studio was a madhouse this week! Every member of the team bounced around from task to task, but never skipped a beat. Ink was mixed, transparencies were made, screens were shot, and prints were printed! All while laughter rippled throughout the air in thundering roars.

After this week, we can officially say that all of the designs for the 2022 calendar are done and ready to be printed! It is almost unheard of around here to be so ready for the year. In fact, we are a little more prepared than I’d like to share… but I will tell you this: this year is shaping up to be one of our most productive yet! 

Not to mention, our team is becoming a little more complete each day. This week Lucy started printing! Our dear friend (and family member) has just finished her freshman year of highschool and has hit the ground running. Getting right to work, she played a role in ensuring we met our weekly print goal. With all of the other stuff we had to do around the studio, we would have been lost without her. Thanks Lucy!

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