If Tables Have Legs Then Why Can't They Move Themselves??

If Tables Have Legs Then Why Can't They Move Themselves??

This week was a wild one!

As we move into June and get ready to print at full capacity, our studio has to adjust accordingly. From organizing what we have for supplies to ordering more, we do it all. This year we even got a new print table to add to our collection! After spending the first half of the week scrubbing floors and prepping our workspace for our new edition, the team was tasked with transporting this new table back to home base… and it was by no means an easy feat. 

We met up with local silk-screen artist and long time family friend, Jon Ahlen, at his old studio to dust off his retired print table and bring it back to life. Thousands upon thousands of stunning prints had already been made on this table, and believe us when we say that there are thousands more to come. Making beautiful prints is no challenge for the Dolphin Studio, but as it turns out, deconstructing, moving, and reconstructing a massive metal print table is. 

With all hands on deck, it took about five of us grunting and wheezing to load just the tabletop onto our truck! Narrowly escaping with all of our fingers and toes, we managed to get it back up to the studio with a bit of peace of mind knowing that the hard part was over. In what felt like the blink of an eye, the table was put back together and all settled in it’s new home. Voila! Who needs movers when you have the print team?

P.S. Here’s a few photos of the crew and our new print table!

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