We're Basically The Brady Bunch

We're Basically The Brady Bunch

Hey All! I’d like to start today by thanking those who emailed Lily last week! It was wonderful to be able to hear all of your thoughts and suggestions, and to show you all how thankful we are we’ll be doing a little giveaway... but we’ll get back to that. 

For now, let me fill you in on this week’s events at the studio! This week, a new printer started with us; his name is (drumroll please) Michael! His older brother, Johnny, has been a part of the print team for years now (and has been writing these, so I’m not sure why he’s speaking in the third person) and is excited to teach Michael how to silk screen! The two have printed together a few times this week and Michael is learning the trade quickly!

While the two brothers got some quality family time, the rest of the studio was enjoying some family time as well. Last week ended on Lily’s birthday (happy birthday Lily!!!) and we all got together to celebrate and unwind. We’re all a big family anyway, so getting together outside of work is always a treat. Though, sometimes it feels like we’re living in a sit-com. 

So this week, let’s make it a game show! In an effort to give back to our wonderful supporters, we’ll be giving away a fabulous 18in x 24in poster print! In light of the 4th of July we’ve selected one of our flag themed prints, which I’ll attach a picture of below, and all you have to do is:


  1. Make sure you are following @thedolphinstudio on instagram

  2. Like our most recent post of the poster

  3. In the comments, tag a friend and use #theweeklysplash


...and that's all! Follow these three steps and next week we will pick a winner at random. Thanks again, see you all next week!

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