The Story of our March 2024 Calendar Image

The Story of our March 2024 Calendar Image

The Dolphin Studio Calendar's March 2024 calendar image was designed by me, Crispina ffrench, on the left in the photo above, taken by our friend Jane Feldman

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My sister Sofia Hughes (on the right) and I run The Dolphin Studio, our family-run silkscreen printing company founded by our parents John and Primm ffrench in 1970.  Our company truly is a family business.  The Dolphin Studio calendar, our signature product, is a collection of thirteen 12”x24” prints (12 months and a cover/envelope). Each page is designed and printed by family members with three generations represented..

Sofia and I, and each of our kids design a month, we include a design for our sister Felicitas and one for my son Ben.  Vintage prints, designed by John and Primm are added to the mix and help carry forward the ffrench family tradition.  We absolutely LOVE that our family tradition is shared by the most awesome global community of customers and has become a tradition for so many families.

Back in July 2023, Violet, my youngest at age 16, decided that she wanted to take a break from designing a month for our 2024 edition. I jumped at the chance to add an image as I love designing calendar months.  

Here’s hoping that Violet is willing to share her gifts in the form of artwork in the 2025 edition…  I’m not holding my breath, but we are in negotiations (and I am not kidding). 

My March 2024 image is a pet portrait of Sadie Thee GoldenDoodle (kinda like Megan Thee Stallion) who joined our fam when Lucy and Violet were toddlers.  She accompanied me on morning runs, demanded that I get my ass out the door when it was hard to get motivated, and was quite a looker, half sheep and half polar bear stuffy.  She adored us all but I was her human and I miss her.  Right around the time that Violet asked to ‘please be excused’ from her calendar design duties, this cute picture popped up in ‘My Memories’ and inspired me to make it a calendar design, an ode to my sweet Sadie who passed into the next realm to join Ben and the ancestors in October 2021.  

Hope you like it.


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