Happy June: Some background about the design and the artist

Happy June: Some background about the design and the artist

Hi everyone! My name is Lily, and I am part of the Dolphin Studio family. I am the granddaughter of John and Primm ffrench and the daughter of Sofia and Pat Hughes. I have been designing calendar months for as long as I can remember, and I've been screen printing for about ten years. My favorite role at the Dolphin Studio is mixing the colors for each month, because it is challenging and rewarding to find the right color my family members are thinking of and bringing their visions to life. 

Happy June everyone! We hope that it is a month filled with warmth and good health. This year I designed June as well as printed it. Personally, I always struggle to come up with what to design each year and this year was no different, as I went through several designs before choosing to stick with a tennis racket in the end.The design process was pretty easy once I knew what I was going to select and it ended up only taking me a day or so to finish. 

I came up with this design because my boyfriend Tom and I were in a tennis phase and were playing everyday after work. Additionally, I thought a racket would be a good design because no one has done a tennis racket before and because June is a good month to play tennis. 

Here is a photo of Tom and me playing pickleball, which I know is not the same as tennis, but I still thought it was cute to add. 


Hope you all have a great month!


Lily Hughes

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Love your blog post for this month, Lily. Fun to see the photo of you and Tom, too! Big hugs and happy June, Lindsey and Jimmy


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