Farewell and Fare Well Johnny Ringer

Farewell and Fare Well Johnny Ringer

All of us at The Dolphin Studio want to take this opportunity to thank a very important person who has become an integral part of our print shop family.

Johnny Ringer, one of our star printers has been with us for nearly 7 years -  since he was a highschool senior.  See, Johnny met Julia and they have fallen in love.  Julia is a teacher, a three-hour drive north, in New Hampshire...  so Johnny has cut loose and moved north to be with his sweetheart.

We are super excited for Johnny but also super sad to see him go.  He has grown up with us in so many ways. 
With his help we have developed new processes in our printing methods for creating transparencies and expanded our web presence.  He has become an expert screenprinter and with his contribution The Dolphin Studio has grown to produce over 3000 annual calendars.

We will miss hearing about his coast-to-coast skatepark adventures, and his latest guitar riffs.  We will continue to be astounded by the pleasure he finds sitting in his car, tunes cranked with the windows up on even the hottest summer days.   He attributes this to his Cambodian heritage..?

Thank you for all the years Johnny Ringer!  We hope you have the BEST time up there in New Hampshire and that Julia knows what a gem you are.  You will always be a treasured part of The Dolphin Studio family.  

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