The Story of our January 2024 Calendar Image

The Story of our January 2024 Calendar Image

Lucy, Crispina and Chris's middle kid, snuggled between Ben and Violet in birth order, designed our January 2024 Dolphin Studio Calendar image.

Lucy loves to learn and is pretty much waaay into science - micro-biology to be specific.  She especially loves house plants. The image she made for January was inspired by a browse through an awesome local gardening/landscape design shop called Wards Nursery and Garden Center.

We love Wards for lots of reasons.  They are kind people who support our community with their extensive plant knowledge and generous material donations, and, like The Dolphin Studio, they are a family business in their third generation!  Our families share a lot of history and connection.  If you are Berkshire based, or find yourself visiting our area and you want reprieve from the raw cold of winter go visit!  Right on south Main Street in Great Barrington.

Lucy was 17 when she drew the begonia featured for January.  She used our swanky iPad Pro which makes it super easy to play with the format and scale of images.  Creating color separations for our printing process is easy peasy when images are created this way too.  This kid is a dab hand with the technology involved and I am soaking up what she shares with dreams of using these tools to aid in my design process too.

Not only does Lucy draw beautifully (she created the image for December 2023 too), she excels creatively in ceramics too.  Check out a couple of the pieces she made in her first ever ceramics class last year.  The vase she made was based on a piece my dad, John ffrench made that is featured on the cover of his biography.

When she first brought it home and put it on our kitchen table I thought we had acquired a historical piece of his!  The girl's got some talent!

In addition to being a super engaged student, creative maker/artist, Lucy loves, and has a gift with horses.  Ginny Finn, a chestnut mare and one of our three equine family members, came to us having never been ridden or socialized with other horses.  Lucy single-handedly trained her, riding her often and has even started showing Ginny.  Horses have an uncanny ability to connect and share with humans.  Lucy envisions a future with that connection maintained for years to come. 

Keep an eye on this kid.  The world is her oyster as later in 2024 Lucy transitions from her second year of college to ???  She is entertaining all sorts of ideas from travel volunteerism to apprenticing for an electrician before she continues her studies.  She will be the designer of February of our 2025 edition of The Dolphin Studio calendar.

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