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Crispina ffrench and Sofia Hughes are sisters and partners in The Dolphin Studio – a second-generation family run screen-printing business in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts.  Our primary product is The Dolphin Studio Calendar and are developing a line of kitchen textiles and stationery.


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Here’s a little history:

When John ffrench and Primm Turner ffrench were newly weds they made a calendar for all their friends and family for Christmas.  It was a big hit!  They were encouraged by all those early recipients to carry on what they had started as a commercial venture.  A couple years later, in 1970, the first screen-printed edition of The Dolphin Studio Calendar was sold.  Monthly images were designed by Primm and John with one each added by their three little girls, Felicitas aged 5, Crispina 4, and Sofia 3.  We think there were 100 1971 calendars printed.

In 2015 we are featuring images from three generations of ffrenches.  We design, color separate, cut stencils, sample, and print 2000 calendars, by hand, in our Pittsfield, MA print shop.  In addition we are developing a collection of kitchen textiles including kitchen towels, napkins, and tablecloths, and stationery including notebooks, journals, and cards.  All our products are for sale, online and from our two locations – our home-base at 11 Main Street in Stockbridge, MA and the printshop at Shire City Sanctuary, 40 Melville Street in the heart of Pittsfield, MA.  If you would like to purchase in person rather than online, please be sure to call ahead.  413-298-3735.

09.12.13 family on porch

ffrench family L to R : Lucy, Jamie, Pat, Sofia, Chris, Crispina, Violet, Ben and Lily.